America’s 9/11 Foundation Ride

Yesterday, I headed from Wilmington to Newark to do some side work.  I usually avoid I-95 on the weekends, but I took it to try and save some time.  As I got down the ramp, my fears were true.  The traffic was going about 15 mph.  I should have known better.

As I make my way to the far left lane, I noticed there was no oncoming traffic.  Odd..  A moment later, I saw flashing lights.  Lots of them.  Some presidential or vip convoy?  Nah.. They would have cleared both sides of the road for that.  As they come closer, I see three state troopers (in cars) leading side by side.  Behind them were police on bikes.  Must have been hundreds of them.  I honestly thought they were escorting the Patriot Guard Riders (which is a really awesome thing).  After the hundreds of police, there must have been at least a thousand bikers behind them.  There were three or four bikes across the road and it stretched from the salt box at SR-141 to SR-1.  That's just under three miles of roadway.  It was probably the most awesome thing I've ever seen on I-95 and words can't even describe it.

When I got home, I did some searching and found it was America's 9/11 Foundation Ride.  A group of bikers get together each year and travel to each of the locations that were attacked in memory of everyone who lost their lives that day.  Seeing so many people supporting first responders was truely an impressive event to bear witness to.

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