Healthy Baby Boy

So, I received a call from my Mom a few minutes ago.  My sister, Amy, was due to have a baby on my other sisters wedding day (Aug 9th, 2008).  Apparently she was a little late and getting huge.  So from what I heard, Amy and Derek were with one of their friends late last night when the time came.  They rushed to my parents house to get some stuff and pickup my Mom.  Then they went to the birthing center.  Apparently, they even beat the midwife there.  As soon as the midwife got there, she gave birth to a baby boy.  I believe he was born in the early hours of Aug 19th, but I'm not sure on the time.  He's nine pounds, four ounces.  I'm very happy everything went well.  I haven't heard what the name will be yet.  I hope I can see them after work.  I wonder if she'll be rested about twelve hours?

UPDATE: He has been named.. Luke Geoffrey Meyer


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