Rock Climbing

So a few weeks ago an old friend sent a message out to a few people about going camping and doing some rock climbing.  I've always enjoyed camping, so I decided to go along.  We went to French Creek State Park in PA over Labor Day weekend.  During the day we went to Birdsboro, PA to go climbing.  I have climbed once when I was little in an indoor gym.  It was a lot of fun and a great workout.

Since then, I've been going climbing any chance I can get.  During this past year, I've fallen out of shape.  This has really motivated me and I hope to keep it up.  There are a couple places in Delaware.  There is the Delaware Rock Gym and University of Delaware has built a small rock gym in an old racketball court.  As far as outdoor stuff, Delaware isn't exactly known for it's elevation changes.  There are a couple places in Alapocus Woods Park.  I've probably only gone climbing a half dozen times, but I think I definitely prefer to climb outdoors.  As far as the indoor places go, the DRG (Delaware Rock Gym) is really nice.  I think this will be a good activity to do over the winter as well.

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