Circus Abs

Last week at the Rock Gym, someone was talking about circus abs and a friend of mine said they were good to do. So I've been making them part of my morning routine. Basically it's sets of ten to fifteen crunches and leg raises but in a certain way. I'm just doing sets of ten at this point and my form isn't really that great, but it's getting better.

I searched on Google to find out how to do them and didn't find much except for a Youtube video (below). Maybe it's just something rock climbers do and isn't well documented. It goes something like this though..

  • Ten crunches with your arms straight.
  • Ten leg raises.
  • Ten crunches while holding your legs raised a few inches off the ground.
  • Ten leg raises while holding your arms up (I try to get my shoulder blades off the ground).
  • Crunches and leg raises at the same time (my friend said to do these until your abs just give out).

So yea, that's it. I've also been working in a set of push-ups as well. I really need these exercises to be part of my morning or evening routine in order to stick to it. Below is a Youtube video of a girl demonstrating circus abs. Since the RSS feed thing to Facebook and Planet Linode don't include the embedded videos, I'm adding a link too.

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4 Responses to “Circus Abs”

  1. Sarahi Melton Says:

    Good luck with them - they are far harder than they look.

    I am trying them, but so far can't do anywhere near as wel as the video girl

  2. path Says:

    I haven't been doing them as often as I should, and they are still pretty hard. I think it takes awhile to build those muscles up.

  3. Dylan Says:

    We do them at my rock gym too, don't know how they got their name though. We throw in oblique work too to maintain body tension on those crosses. Start lying with arms outstretched to each side, feet together. Raise legs straight as close to vertical as you can and then lower legs to your left keeping them straight. Rotate them back up and to the other side. Do this as a step in circus abs and ur cross overs will improve greatly.

  4. Elliot Metsger Says:

    Immediately after doing the circus crunches try this:

    Sit up, 90 degrees, legs together, straight in front of you. Hold your arms fully extended out in front of of you and clasp your hands together.

    Now lift up your legs a little off the ground, and hold them there. Then touch your clasped hands to the ground on your left by rotating your body with as little elbow bend as possible. Then rotate and touch your clasped hands to the ground on your right. Do 5 sets of 10.

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