Someone Lost Their Netflix Account

So how does one lose their Netflix account?  Apparently, it isn't too difficult.  So I was just minding my own business browsing around the intertubes when I received an email in my Gmail account from Netflix.  Small problem, I never used my Gmail address with Netflix.  Perhaps yet another phishing scam?  Well, I examined the headers and it appeared unique.  Then I started thinking that I used this email address a long time ago, so I tried to login.  But no luck.  Oh well, I'll just reset my password!  After logging in, I find the account is active with an address in another city.  HUH!  Someone just changed their email address in Netflix and turned over their account to me.  Since there is no link to return accounts to their original owner, I called Netflix.  After describing the situation three times, they must have changed the email address again and promised to notify the other Pat Hennessy.  The person on the phone didn't seem to know how to handle this situation.  I guess it doesn't come up often.  What is also disconcerning is that their customer service reps can't see a history of past email addresses.  I guess they are going to mail the guy a letter or something?!?

Of all the billing and customer service mishaps that I've experienced, this one definitely tops them all.  I hope they institute some procedure to verify email addresses.  I suspect there are a few flaws under the Netflix hood.  I still enjoy getting my movies from them though.

Here's a not so random Youtube video..

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