Configuring Linksys PAP2T for Asterisk

I recently bought a Linksys PAP2T to hopefully provide phone service for some family members. I didn't need to support the incoming phone line, so this device should be more than adequate. It seems to be a bit easier to configure as well. I just wanted to jot down some notes on what I did for future reference.

* Downloaded firmware updates from Cisco's website. The firmware on the device was very old. In order to update the firmware, the device needs to download it over tftp. I used their firmware updater tool within my Windows XP virtual machine.
* On the System tab, I configured the ntp servers to use and
* On the Regional tab, I set the local date, time, and time zone. I also set the daylight savings time rule to "start=3/8/7/2:0:0;end=11/1/7/2:0:0;save=1" (without the quotes). Although this device may go where there isn't a daylight savings time change, so this will need to get revisited.
* On the Line 1 tab, I set the proxy and outbound proxy to my asterisk server hostname. I set "use outbound proxy" to yes as well as making sure "register" was set to yes. I set the display name (although I think it'll get overridden by options in my sip.conf). I set the user id and password to match what is in my sip.conf. I am also tempted to try different codecs to be used as the preferred one. Right now I've left it as the default (G711u). I also added "1xx" to the dial plan for my internal extensions.

That was it. I am also tempted to get to use the provisioning framework for updating the settings. Although once it's set, I don't plan on changing anything. The SPA-3102 has been working great for months.

Below is an example of the entry in my sip.conf file.

; Line1 on PAP2T
callerid="Pat Hennessy" <999>

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2 Responses to “Configuring Linksys PAP2T for Asterisk”

  1. shw Says:

    Can you please share your dial plan ? e.g extenstion.conf and papt2 settings


  2. path Says:

    shw, I'm no longer using asterisk or the PAP2T. Sorry I can't be of any help.


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