Energy Fuel Resource Mix

Last January, I mentioned my fuel resource mix from my power company in a blog post. Well, I've just received the percentages for 2008. They seem to be a full seven months ahead of schedule.

Source Percentage
Coal 55.0%
Gas 7.0%
Nuclear 34.8%
Oil 0.3%
Captured Methane Gas 0.3%
Geothermal 0.0%
Hydroelectric 0.9%
Solar 0.0%
Solid Waste 0.6%
Wind 0.9%
Wood or other Biomass 0.2%
Conventional Energy Subtotal 97.1%
Renewable Energy Subtotal 2.8%

Looks like a 0.08% improvement in the wind and nuclear category. Yes, I think nuclear is a good power source and shouldn't be overlooked. I have no problem with them using less coal though. I don't see the sequestering thing working out and would bother me to live on top of a crapload of poisonous gas trapped in the ground.

I also just found a spiffy spreadsheet of the resource mix over the last couple years on Delmarva's website.  Enjoy!

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